Thursday, July 31, 2003


well hell, i was all jazzed up to see that new western on USA called "Peacemakers" so I get home and Tony (my oldest) tells me the damn cable is on the fritz. so no luck watching the new show. good thing about USA though is they repeat the hell outta everything they show so i'm hoping to get another chance.


well I'm hard at work on the adventure. Ive been re-reading some of the incursion stuff and adapting it to Erisa. I'm trying to figure out where i want the adventure based. i was considering Maghreb. mostly cause we ain't been there yet in ANY of the games. the climate is rough, unforgiving and there are no friendly faces around.

the symbols project Jeff has taking on is coming along great i see many wondrous and possibly even useful magic items in Hamfasts future. still waiting to receive any thing else for the others. but other than the previously mentioned articles and artwork....nada. oh well it ain't my fault if you folks go into yer first high level erisa game with one healing potion between the eight of you and short swords and ringmail armor bought off the rack.

I like Darrell's suggestion on the Heldar symbol (A blazing sun rising) I would superimpose a gauntleted fist holding a Mace. that way you get that martial aspect we see in heldarites everywhere.

For Anhur (Nohar) i'm thinking a Bulls head (Like Taurus) this would also connect with the large number of Minotaurs that live in Eastern Brouaq-Nohar and and serve as the emperors shock troops.

What do you guys think of Gruns symbol? does it say "men at work"? or "goldmine crossing here"?
can anyone come up with something better for the god of laborers?

well back to work...

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

So I was thinking of symbols for the gods what do you guys think so far?

Arawn - a black book with red runes
Grun - a crossed mallet and shovel
Jeridia a dagger and a coin purse
Morrigan - a bloody axehead stuck in the earth with a crow resting on the Haft.
Nogar-Sai - a fanged skull below an infinity symbol
St. Raphine - a pair of crossed swords above a blazing hearth
Uller-a charging Stag

if you guys have any suggestions please post them.

Character sheets

if any of you guys have downloaded or are trying either DM Genie or Character Genie, please send me your characters in that format.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Another weekend spent in the heat of the Sacramento valley. Scarlette calls it the fruit bowl. It got so bad that Scarlette came down with a minor case of heatstroke on Sunday after we saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I got her home and cooled her off before it got real bad. Other than that the weekend was spent doing family stuff (haircuts, buying shoes etc)

Picked up my gaming mags over the weekend. I pretty much buy three religiously. Dragon, dungeon and knights of the dinner table. A few months ago they had a column in KODT about gaming with females. I promptly wrote a tongue in cheek letter to the editor de-crying the adding of girls to the gaming table. This started a little storm of controversy that lasted for about three issues. Some people felt sorry for me (as in pity that I will never know the joys of gaming with members of the opposite sex -yeah, whatever) others called me a chauvinist. It was good fun getting a bunch of geeks all riled up, now if they would only bathe before going to the game store...

Dragon 310 has a sweet cover by Elmore- a pair of chain mail bikini type babe adventurers. I highly recommend you check it out.
And speaking of artwork Jeff Herbert has graced us with a piece of original artwork for the swords of Erisa website. It's a portrait of a Red mountain Clan Dwarf. It could be the head guy himself Hergoff "the Red".

I'm still plugging along on the SoE website. Trying to put in at least an hour a night on it. It will load much faster I believe since I'll be removing a lot of the gif animation and music etc. I'm gonna try and concentrate on content vs. doodads and eye candy.

That's all for now.
Evil DM out!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Lunchtime Blog

Well it's Gen Con weekend and once again I'm missing out on our hobbies premier gaming event. Any of you guys going? I'm saving my pennies and shooting for Gen Con So Cal in December. I promised Jeff H I'd give him a hand at the Heromachine booth so that should be fun!

I'm slowly getting the swing of things here at work, starting to get a routine and a flow. I have a great boss and a cool office. I have Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Namor (from the marvel legends line) up on my shelf and a couple of other touches that make me feel right at home. So all in all things at work are cool.

At home, were getting ready to celebrate Boojie (Joshua 4) and Lody's (Nicholas 3) birthdays next week. Tonight is "Pizza Friday" but instead of Pizza it will be McDonalds for $1.00 double cheeseburgers and then we'll go check out "Finding Nemo." Speaking of Nemo, I have yet to see either "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" I'm hoping to catch LXG this weekend if my mom will take the boys on Saturday.

I'm really Happy with the way the 5year foregrounds are coming along in the Swords of Erisa game. I don't plan to be instituting any 3.5 edition stuff yet but I will be picking up the books one at a time as funds allow. (Plus I always wait for the second print run anyway so that they can correct the errata) but yes eventually SoE will be 3.5 compliant. I am also working on the website and plan to put up a reworked version soon. With many updates and revisions. The updates because they are way overdue and the revisions because I want Erisa to contain 100% original content rather than partially plagiarized material.
Jeff has even agreed to help me graphically enhance the sight with some pieces of original Erisa themed artwork as time allows (I am totally jazzed about that!).

Some of you have inquired on the list and privately about magic items for your newly pumped up and reconditioned characters, well I have given it a bit of thought and I believe I have a more palatable answer than just HELL NO. I have decided for those of you wiling to invest a little additional time in the campaign I will pass on some nifty trinkets. Now all you have to do is grab your keyboards and submit an article to the Erisa Chronicle. the article could be about anything Erisa or Gaming related. For instance Jim has submitted a story (hopefully ongoing) detailing the early adventures of his Brooding Warrior- Rue and mike has submitted an article on Druids, Witches and their role in Erisa. They will be receiving magic items for these works. So if you feel like doing an article on a town in Wren or a secret society in Aragos. Or maybe reviews of a new game system or RPG tool (like player Genie) send it in.

On the subject of the Erisa chronicle, I `m finishing the next issue up and it should be out shortly, look for Mike and Jim's articles, as well as a cool new logo from Jeff H.

Evil DM out!