Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lost Spitfire Squadron: A pulp adventure ripped from the headlines

The setting is post WWII Asia, Specifically the (fictitious) tiny kingdom of Tong-Kai. Tong-Kai is being pushed around by a larger aggressive neighbor-the Republic of Somoy (also fictitious).

Several of the kingdoms agents have been recruiting pilots from the region (mostly down and out ex-RAF or U.S. Army Air corps Pilots) to help build an air force. When the pilots meet at the requisite seedy bar, they are met by a former RAF Colonel. and briefed on the mission:
To trek into the jungle and retrieve a squadron of Spitfires that were hidden in the jungle during the war and forgotten. They have to trek in with batteries and fuel, build the planes, prepare a field, fly them back and hump the spare parts and extra ammo back to civilization.

When they get get back to the capital they then have to help fight off the invasion led by the mad dictator of Somoy.

During the trek there are wild animals, vicious bandits and headhunters, maybe even a platoon of Japanese who don't know the war has been over for five years. you could even toss in some Red Chinese or Russian spies.

With a little work this could be quite a fun mini campaign for either Dicey Tales or DOGS of War.

And the cool thing is it's very plausible:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Draft Cover for DT#2

Here is a draft of the new Dicey Tales #2 So far it has: 
A Bestiary for Dicey tales pulp games. 
A Dicey Tales Adventure 
A Barbarians of Lemuria Adventure 
A Legends of Steel Adventure 

And we are working on an article for Contacts in 1930's Pulp San Francisco. and a article of optional Pulp style boons. We have finally turned the corner and are into the home stretch with this issue!