Thursday, April 03, 2008

Devil's Cape review

Devil’s Cape is the first novel from author Rob Rogers. It is set in a world where super heroes exist and are an accepted part of life- as in flying around in spandex suits with capes and having names like The Grey Ghost, Argonaut, and Bedlam. But unlike the comic books, the world of Devil’s Cape is grim and deadly, with a high body count of both heroes and villains.
The city of Devil’s Cape Louisiana is a few miles from its more famous sister New Orleans. Founded by a pirate as a smugglers haven, Devil’s Cape has never shed its legacy of danger and corruption. In fact, at times it’s as if the residents and the city itself revel in their dark past. The story revolves around several residents of the city who discover their powers and are motivated for different reasons to join forces and confront the villainous crime-lord known as “The Robber Baron” who runs the city.
At the beginning of the book the author takes a trip back in time several years as he builds the foundation of the story, it’s a long but interesting build, and the reader will realize its necessity when they reach the present day and the story begins to unfold. The characters are well thought out and interesting. I became invested in them, and even with detailed set up there were times I wished I knew more about them, but for the story at hand what the author gives suffices. The story builds as the various threads are pulled together snugly. The action in Devil’s Cape is quick, intense and deadly. For example, one of the heroes in the story gets taken out by a head shot from a sniper with a high powered rifle followed by a bunch of guys with sledge hammers to finish the job. Brutal.
By the end of the story I was savoring every page. Rogers wraps the story up nicely and leaves open the opportunity for more adventure in the Devil’s Cape universe. As I finished the last pages I was ready to dive into the next adventure, and that’s the best recommendation I can give it.


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Sounds like my kinda tale! Consider it added to my pull list.

  2. Jeffy based upon your review I had to run out and buy this book!

    I loved it!!! It kind of reminded me of the old "Wildcards" series (but far less silly..)

    I hope this fella writes up some more stories about Devil's Cape..