Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Greyhawk, Toril, Ravenloft, Krynn, and the rest, you thought you knew them all eh?   But how many of you have heard of Pelinore?  Chances are unless you’re either from the U.K. or a die-hard TSR fan you may not have heard of this tiny campaign world that appeared back in the 20th century circa 1984.  It made its first appearance in a TSR U.K. magazine named Imagine, so I figure that makes it an official AD&D world (in my book anyway).  Luckily,a PDF recently made its way into my hands that collects a little over a years’ worth of articles on Pelinore, and now I make it available to you, using that most wonderful of services:  Dropbox.

The articles are as follows
July 84- a new world
August 84 – The city league
September 84-The Wynd
October 84 – Law and Order / North Docklands
November 84 – The city League/ Pablo Fanquays Fair
December 84 – The city league / The Arena
January 85 – The city league/ Gibbet street/ Guilds
February 85 – the big wide world
March 85 – The city league / the old bastion
April 85 – The cornucopia
May 85 – the Gods of Pelinore
June 85 – The county of Cerwyn: Burghalter
July 85 – the gods of the domains
August 85 – The city league/ monument square
September 85 – The city league / the Asylum

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watch Game of Thrones online

If you don't have HBO check it out here before they take it down.
There are a few annoying ads to deal with at first, but thats to be expected.