Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More on Ardion

First and foremost Ardion is being created for my personal enjoyment and that of my minions. I want it to have an "Old School" feel  and still take off on personal tangents free of rules or regulations. To be honest Old School means rules- alot of them. It may have to do with the founders of RPG's coming from the world of war gaming where each inch of movement is measured with a with a ruler and every sack of potatoes is given an encumbrance value. If you want to play the game the way Gary and the boys wrote it you are going to have lots of rules that you may not like or may not make sense to you- you can't play a Goblin ranger, Your priest cant use a sword, your magic-user cant wear armor.

I'm willing to go with a lot of the rules, I happen to like rules, unless they get in the way of how I want to do things.  Therefore on Ardion - Goblins can be PC's, Dwarves have started using Gunpowder, Orcs arent dumb brutes (they're smart brutes),  and there are flying ships (and the Halflings have them).

Thats all I have in my brain for now. the rest is a blank canvas to be filled as I get inspired or at my minions request (this campaign is for them after all). If they want to go to a jungle, I'll make a jungle, if they want to hunt mummies in a desert so be it.

Yesterday I posted the start of my campaign map. Several people commented on it and wanted to know a bit about the program. It's called Hexographer.  It's enjoyed a bit of popularity for its ease of use. I'm enjoying it and still finding out how to do things with it. I believe you can play around with it for free to find out if it bops yer bippy. they have an alternate tile pack but its a bit pricey for my cheapass.

In a perfect world the Hexographer guys and the Castles and Crusades guys would team up and create an ultimate online rpg software tool.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The lands of Ardion- A work in progress

The Castles & Crusades campaign that I have been running for the Minions is in full swing. With the help of Hexographer I've begun work on the campaign map. Pictured above is my progress so far.  I've decided to take a tip from "The Princess Bride" and give my nations currency names.

The boys are currently in the southern half of the kingdom of Sestertius, right outside of a small Halfling village known as NewBriar.  The nearest city to them is the port city of Barnacus "City in peril!"- old school dice slingers may remember the name from  Dragon #80.