Tuesday, April 03, 2007

whats on my PC?

In other words I'm too tired to write about anything.

I have quite a few map makers strewn about my hard drive. one of my favorites is still the one that came in the 2nd edition core rules. Man, I wished they would have expanded on it.

Here is an old Kitbash I did with a Remco Warlord figure and a wrestlers head. he makes a decent Dwarf.

This is one of the first maps I ever did of my old homebrew campaign world of Erisa. I actually did this at work on MSPaint. not too shabby.

Kaliman the original Pulp superhero from Mexico!

I love Heromachine. I hear Jeff is working on a new and improved version! I can't wait.

Arnie My Governator.

Just having some fun with the comicbook creator software.

Danger International. Action and Adventure in the BIG 80's!

Viva Villa!