Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just about settled in to the new Lair!

We are finally starting to get settled in the new Lair. Much more room for everyone and more importantly everyTHING!

I never realized I had so damn much stuff. We closed escrow on the 23rd and started moving that very evening. Our Christmas celebration was brief, just and hour or two and then back to the moving.  Just about everything online was put on hold as we settled in and got our internet up.  But now we are back and I've been in touch with several of the Dicey Tales crew and we will crank up the works again staring this week.

One of the cool things about moving is that you run across things that were lost or misplaced. 

I was overjoyed when I "found" my Grandfather's Army picture.  Not the U.S. Army - The Mexican Army circa 1938, Manuel Toledo was a trooper in the 9th Cavalry Regiment in San Luis Potosi. This photo is part of his squad picture (which I have in storage in Hawai'i). The weapon he's hefting what appears to be a Mark I variation of a Bren Gun.

My Granpo was so cool. He was a retired construction worker who supplemented his retirement income playing poker at the local card rooms (he wasn't a gambler, he was too good). He was a card carrying Democrat who framed his U.S. Citizenship document and displayed it proudly in the living room. Despite limited English skill he read the paper everyday and was always up on current events. And coolest of all to his 7 year old Grandson, he always had an endless supply of Conan, Thor, Horror and GI combat comics in stacks around the couch.