Friday, August 09, 2013

Changes for the Evil DM

We are in a bit of a reorganizing phase at the Evil DM Productions side of things. 

Dicey Tales will no longer be published as a periodical.

With the advent of the new Barbarians of Lemuria Mythic Edition being released, Dicey Tales will take this opportunity to use the new system and be released as a complete game. The BoL Mythic rule set will power the Dicey Tales roleplaying game.  Dicey Tales will retain all of the flavor and excitement that made it a fan favorite, but with more content.

Legends of Steel will also be seeing a make-over with a new BoL Mythic rules edition. As a part of the Pulp genre, Legends of Steel will fall under the “Dicey Tales” banner. The new edition of Legends of Steel will also be fully re-worked to fall in line with the BoL Mythic engine, and will also have new content.

The Lost World of Hador will be released as a supplement for the Dicey Tales RPG.

More information will be forthcoming at the Dicey Tales web site, the Dicey Tales Google plus Community and here at the Lair of the Evil DM.