Monday, September 16, 2013

I haven't had a good rant in a while sooo...

So I started using Roll20 to look for games and possibly run one or two of my own. 

I figured, here is a world where I can connect with other players from all over and play the games that really interest me.  I have a bi-weekly table top game with some friends and my boys, but it’s Pathfinder. I’m by choice more of an old school guy, and I have an itch for playing pulp era games that has never been satisfied.
 I’ve got the time, I’ve got the desire, and I have the rules.  But here again, I’m having a hard time finding players.  

I see a posting for a game and I sign on, we play one great game and then…poof-(work, family, school, etc.) raises its ugly head and the game ends.  

So I take matters into my own hands and post up an ad for a game. I get dozens of responses telling me how cool the premise sounds and how they would love to play buuut…
It’s too early in the day.
Too late in the day.
They live in Iceland.
Wrong day of the week.
Wrong week in the month, etc. etc. etc.

!*&$#&*! Frustrating!!!

I have $150, 00.00 in gaming rulebooks & material and no one to play with!

I did find a nice 2ed. AD&D game on roll20 last week.  I hope it lasts.

Rant over.

By the way, this is the game I'm looking for-