Friday, June 09, 2006

Bring on the bad guys

Continuing with the theme of having something to fill my Blog with, I'm including another draft section dealing with adversaries in my Sword & Sorcery RPG "Legends of Steel"

Who are the bad guys?
Bad guys are generally any human opponents your character encounters in LoS. There are several different levels of Bad guys, each one progressively more difficult to deal with.

Fodder-These guys are the nameless hordes of baddies-generic temple guards, street gangs, a city watch patrol and such. They posses only the most basic of training and they have no real special abilities to speak of. Their main strength comes from their numbers. Just remember, even the mightiest barbarian warrior can be felled by a goober who rolls a critical hit. The “Ignore Chumps” advantage applies to fodder.

Henchmen- These boys are a bit more deadly than the scrubby fodder guys. They might be elite temple guards, the king’s personal bodyguard, or a team of professional bounty hunters. However, the “Ignore Chumps” advantage applies to Henchmen as well.

Lieutenants- Lieutenants are the top trusted henchmen of your characters major foe. They are quite formidable in their own right in some cases they may be equal in skill to your character. They will posses the best equipment available.

Specialists- These guys are the “wildcards” they are often outside of the bad guys hierarchy, they are brought in to take care of a specific problem (and that problem is usually your character). Specialists are usually Blade masters, Sorcerers, Assassins, Etc. they are exceptional in their specific field and are usually equipped with the finest weapons and equipment including specially made customized gear.

Leaders- When it’s all said and done and we have reached the climax of the adventure, the Leader is the foe that must ultimately be vanquished. Normally the leader is the most dangerous of all the baddies. They posses the skills and resources to equip themselves with the best, in many cases this means weapons and items of magical power. They may also have contingency plans to employ should any encounter threaten them (they didn’t get to be leader by not being prepared). Don’t hesitate to allow your supreme baddie the chance for a quick getaway if it’s in any way feasible, so that he may continue to thwart your players in future adventures. On the other hand, don’t rob your players of their victory by having the supreme leader get away just because the Players have ruined your intricate scenario. Remember no adventure survives first contact with the player characters.