Monday, June 12, 2006


I just made a shocking discovery. I was having a father / son talk with Anthony when I mentioned to him that he needs to try to stay a move or two ahead, like in Chess…He looked at me quizzically and said “But Dad, I don’t know how to play chess”.
The color drained from my face as I realized he was right. I hadn’t taught the boy how to play chess yet. Here he was 14 years old, in many cultures almost a man, and no training whatsoever in the classical game of strategy. After dinner I went to the store and bought a wooden set, just a starter set to get warmed up with, later I’ll get a fancy one for the family. I can’t believe that one almost slipped by me. So attention all dads out there: If you haven’t taught your kids the game of chess use this coming Father’s day as an opportunity to open a whole new world of thinking for your kids. Pick up a chess set and teach your children. Chess develops strategy skills, planning, critical thinking, imagination, and its fun!