Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just like the Hulk...

Hey guys,
about a year ago I went in for an MRI for an unrelated ear problem. the doctors discovered a tumor in my brain near my pituitary, sitting right above my optical nerve. It was a dicey place to go into with a knife so they started me on a medication to slow the growth of the tumor. the treatment worked well enough to actually make it possible for them to perform a Gamma Knife procedure. the concentrated Gamma rays sterilize the tumor keeping it from re growing and eventually it dies and no more tumor. That's what we are shooting for.

to do this they drill four screws into your skull and attach your head to a frame, so that you don't move around as the machine shoots the Gamma rays (moving around too much while being bombarded with radiation is a bad thing). the screws are the worst part of the procedure, it hurts like all fuck, even with the anesthetic. when they drive the screws into your skull it's a wicked kind of pain, very Hannibal Lecter. I'm told the procedure went of like a charm (though they always say that right?). I was sent home with "The Mother of all headaches" and a swollen head. that was on Thursday, Friday was a long headachey blur, and today my forehead and eyes are swollen, I look like i just got my ass kicked, but according to the release notes that's all normal.

As you can probably understand the anxiety over this and the discomfort after it has kept me off the net for the last few days.

Thanks to all you guys who sent in Emails of support and prayers, Scarlette and I really appreciate it. I didn't try to hide the news of the tumor, but I didn't want to announce it either. I figured if I didn't make it a big deal, it wouldn't be.