Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Help a brother out - Vote for Hutt

When I began my Internet journey one of the first groups of people I met were a gang of GI Joe collectors on a list called "Action Heroes". One of the members was Hutt Wigley. It's been over ten years but many of us from that old list are still hanging out together. Hutt has taken his passion for action figures and has combined it with the wizardry of stop motion animation. This contest he's entered has a grand prize of $25,000 and the film gets shopped around to industry folks. This is a great opportunity for Hutt to get some exposure and make some connections in addition to funding for more equipment and future products. Here is a message from Hutt.:

Back in February of 2008, a local (Boise, ID) Hip-Hop artist, called QS the Soul Brother, asked me to create an animated music video for one of his songs. After listening to his catalog of music, I selected the song “Let’s Do It” which QS collaborated on with a rapper named Tone. I created action figure versions of the two musical artists and, using stop-motion animation, placed them in a sort of Indiana Jones-esque pulp adventure setting. Working an average of 6 hours a day, the video took exactly 3 months to complete.

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom

The music video was shown at the GI JoeFest Stop-Motion Animation Film Festival, and won the 4th place Audience Choice award.

I also entered the video in the annual contest on aniBoom.com which ends December 2nd, 2008. To vote for it and leave comments, go here: http://www.aniboom.com/video/283351/Lets-Do-It/

Thanks for checking it out!

-Hutt Wigley

So there you go folks. Once again a fellow geek needs our help. please check out the video and vote for it. Yes, you do have to register with them to vote but it takes like 2 minutes- and this could be a life changing event for Hutt if he was to win. If you collect comics, action figures or play RPG's you know you have taken some shit from people who think those things are childish, here's a chance to toss it back at them and help a brother out in the process. the animation looks fun but it's a lot of work. Let's help reward hutt's dedication to his hobby.

Vote here.