Saturday, November 15, 2008

Virtual gaming with Cartoon Action Hour: season 2

My regular gaming group came to a sudden unexpected end tonight. So to fill the void I'm going to use this opportunity to explore Cartoon Action Hour: season 2
Ive got several players from the Midnights Lair Message board signed on. It looks like we are going to try some virtual tabletop gaming via Skype and Screen Monkey.

here is the premise so far:

The characters are part of a global organization known as the World Science Agency, a private organization that recruits Scientists from all countries and conducts research and investigates all manner of scientific phenomena. The bulk of the organization is research oriented and they have facilities throughout the world. The elite of the organization belong to The Special Missions Bureau
Each member is a expert in at least one scientific field. the scientists are divided into teams that of 4-6 members and are sent to investigate any scientific issues that may have global impact. Each team is given the code name of a famous scientist (i.e. Team Galileo, Team Edison, Team Del Rio, Team Jung, etc.)

Because of the active and often dangerous circumstances the teams find themselves in, members are required to be physically as well as mentally fit. Many have military training or extensive field work experience. The Special missions "Boot camp" is in Guyana and has former members of the American Rangers, British SAS, and Russian Spetsnatz amongst its cadre.

Here is the "feel" i'm aiming for: