Friday, December 04, 2009

Legends of Steel - The System?

Legends of Steel in its present form is a campaign world. but there was a short period where I was trying my hand at creating a game system. Nothing revolutionary, mostly ideas from other games that I admired. But once I figured it would be easier to create campaign worlds than to agonize over the mechanics of game design I dropped the project. The other day I ran across the file again and started looking it over. Actually it’s not too bad. It’s no Savage Worlds, but I remember the guys that play tested it having fun. So I cleaned it up a bit and distilled it down to the character generation and combat sections. It’s not really rules lite, and the rules don't fit on the head of a pin, but it is manageable. Anyway Please have a look at it and if anyone can offer any constructive comments, I may pick it up again and see if I can move forward with it. Have a look at the PDF below.