Thursday, December 17, 2009

Perry Rhodan-Who knew??

Perry Rhodan.
I found volumes 1-22 at Goodwill the other day at $1.00 a piece.
I'll be honest, I always passed these by while hunting around the Sci-Fi section during my used book hunts. But for some reason these sung out to me to be rescued.
These particular books I found are in wonderful condition-they've been lovingly cared for, up until the moment someone tossed them in donation bin at Goodwill.
But fear not- they have found a home.
I suppose all these years I must have just been ignorant, because as I sit here and look at these wonderfully evocative Space pulp covers, I think- "Why the hell hasn't anyone done a pulp style RPG treatment of these books?"
Or have they? If so please enlighten me.

they just about scream Star Frontiers campaign! I mean just look at some of these...

I'm reading through the first one right now. I'll be honest, it's a bit stilted in parts. But I'm attributing that to the translation from German to English. They are in no way bad though, especially since I'm reading them with my "Pulp Gamer" glasses on.
In any event I've committed myself to reading at least the first four or five, and then we'll see what happens. Don't be surprised if some of these Perry Rhodan creatures and aliens make thier way into Hador in some fashion or other.

Hey I just found a German site that offers a free PDF of their Perry Rhodan RPG. I think it's a rules lite PDF, and its all in German. But its still cool to look at.