Saturday, February 06, 2010

Smallville + JSA = I'm not a fan yet, but color me interested

While my allegiance to Marvel is pretty solid (except when they do something incredibly stupid like kill Captain America),  I have always been a fan of the Justice Society of America. My favorite DC hero is Wildcat. 

So when I heard they would be appearing in this seasons Smallville premiere I had to skip watching my Kings take a drubbing by Steve Nash and the Suns. I never watched Smallville before (I never particularly cared for Supes), but I caught on quick enough. I wasn't disappointed. 

Off the top the writers  killed off a couple of JSA'ers just to show they weren't fucking around (thank god neither one was Wildcat). The show was fun. There were a couple of pleasant surprises (Ma' Hunkle and Foxy Brown make appearances). I'm sure the hardcore fanboys will find fault (they always do), but all in all the minions and I enjoyed it and I got to give a block of instruction on who and what the JSA were to my boys. We will be watching in the coming weeks in hopes of more JSA action-and crossing for our fingers for a possible spin-off.