Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I need a WordPress site built!

I'll be launching Dicey Tales soon and I've decided to give it a dedicated site. I have the domain and the WordPress account. What I dont have is the time or skill to build a real snazzy site. So i figure I'll have one built professionally. 

If anyone knows of a web designer skilled in WordPress I would appreciate a heads up. As you can imagine there are a great deal of designers out there online all promising to be skilled and professional. I need both. I need the skills to help me achieve what I want with WP and the professionalism to stick to deadlines and render a finished product without excuses. 

As all the folks dealing with Evil DM Productions can attest - I pay on time, so I expect the work to be what I want and on time. I'm not really such a hard ass I just want to be clear. 

If you think you have the chops to take on the job drop me a email with your phone number (Email has its uses, but if I cant meet face to face I need to speak to the person I'm hiring).
the email address is Boojiesdad@gmaildotcom.