Saturday, January 08, 2011

IDW Publishing has begun a license with WOTC to produce a Dungeons and Dragons comic book series based on the latest (4th) edition of the classic RPG.  The series is titled “Dungeons & Dragons” and involves the adventures of a group of characters representative of the major races and classes from the game. I’ve seen a number of “D&D comics” come and go but I have to say that I never enjoyed any of them as much as I’m enjoying this one. “Dungeons & Dragons is quick, witty and reminiscent to me of watching an episode of the TV show “Firefly”.  These days I only have a few comic titles that I buy on a regular basis; “Dungeons & Dragons” has made the cut. It’s been four fun issues staring with issue #0. I’m actually excited to see a new issue, and I haven’t been excited like that since the early issues of “Knights of the Dinner Table”.