Saturday, August 06, 2011

Dicey Tales is becoming a "thing"... a good way.
It's taking up a good amount of time. I'm getting shit done that has languished on my hard drive for ages, forgotten projects that may finally see the light of day. I've received several submissions for Simon to review for the "Lemurian Lore" section of DT.
I'm trying to keep a tight reign on my artists and writers, so that everyone can make the 08/15 I gave them, allowing me to have DT#2 ready in late August/ early September.
Jason Chalker has agreed to continue his layout duties for a few more issues at least, so that's one worry less.

I'm also looking at a reissue of "Legends of Steel" for Savage Worlds with new adventures and expanded coverage of the world of Erisa ( I figured they came out with a new snazzy edition, I should too).

All in all it's a hectic time here at the Lair but it's a fun time as well.   So if you happen to see more "Sock girls" than normal(see below), it's only because I'm too damn busy to write about anything substantive.