Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Lego + Dungeons & Dragons = Awesome!

Maybe it's cause its late and I ate cake at 10:30PM  but I was lying in bed and I had a myriad of thoughts going through my head (hey I made a rhyme). 

But listen to this for a moment.

A line of Lego's based on the D&D brand.  Think about it Lego and WOTC get together and come up with these great sets of iconic D&D, AD&D play sets.

Could you imagine building a "Keep on the Borderlands" set? complete with the hermit in the tree? or how about the Moat house from the Temple of Elemental evil? A set of Lego minis with all the Iconic D&D brand characters? Has anyone thought of this. shouldn't someone be calling WOTC right now and telling them to look at this post?

People are always talking about gaming needing an infusion of new blood. What could be better than a horde of Lego Maniacs? Have you seen the stuff those guys make?

The money they drop on a new set, no questions asked?
I'm telling ya people,  it's a win-win!

Ok, it's back to bed for me now. I'm sure in the morning I'll think of all the marketing and business reasons this would never come to pass. But for now, at least I'll get to dream about it for a few more hours.