Monday, July 28, 2003

Another weekend spent in the heat of the Sacramento valley. Scarlette calls it the fruit bowl. It got so bad that Scarlette came down with a minor case of heatstroke on Sunday after we saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I got her home and cooled her off before it got real bad. Other than that the weekend was spent doing family stuff (haircuts, buying shoes etc)

Picked up my gaming mags over the weekend. I pretty much buy three religiously. Dragon, dungeon and knights of the dinner table. A few months ago they had a column in KODT about gaming with females. I promptly wrote a tongue in cheek letter to the editor de-crying the adding of girls to the gaming table. This started a little storm of controversy that lasted for about three issues. Some people felt sorry for me (as in pity that I will never know the joys of gaming with members of the opposite sex -yeah, whatever) others called me a chauvinist. It was good fun getting a bunch of geeks all riled up, now if they would only bathe before going to the game store...

Dragon 310 has a sweet cover by Elmore- a pair of chain mail bikini type babe adventurers. I highly recommend you check it out.
And speaking of artwork Jeff Herbert has graced us with a piece of original artwork for the swords of Erisa website. It's a portrait of a Red mountain Clan Dwarf. It could be the head guy himself Hergoff "the Red".

I'm still plugging along on the SoE website. Trying to put in at least an hour a night on it. It will load much faster I believe since I'll be removing a lot of the gif animation and music etc. I'm gonna try and concentrate on content vs. doodads and eye candy.

That's all for now.
Evil DM out!