Thursday, July 31, 2003


well hell, i was all jazzed up to see that new western on USA called "Peacemakers" so I get home and Tony (my oldest) tells me the damn cable is on the fritz. so no luck watching the new show. good thing about USA though is they repeat the hell outta everything they show so i'm hoping to get another chance.


well I'm hard at work on the adventure. Ive been re-reading some of the incursion stuff and adapting it to Erisa. I'm trying to figure out where i want the adventure based. i was considering Maghreb. mostly cause we ain't been there yet in ANY of the games. the climate is rough, unforgiving and there are no friendly faces around.

the symbols project Jeff has taking on is coming along great i see many wondrous and possibly even useful magic items in Hamfasts future. still waiting to receive any thing else for the others. but other than the previously mentioned articles and artwork....nada. oh well it ain't my fault if you folks go into yer first high level erisa game with one healing potion between the eight of you and short swords and ringmail armor bought off the rack.

I like Darrell's suggestion on the Heldar symbol (A blazing sun rising) I would superimpose a gauntleted fist holding a Mace. that way you get that martial aspect we see in heldarites everywhere.

For Anhur (Nohar) i'm thinking a Bulls head (Like Taurus) this would also connect with the large number of Minotaurs that live in Eastern Brouaq-Nohar and and serve as the emperors shock troops.

What do you guys think of Gruns symbol? does it say "men at work"? or "goldmine crossing here"?
can anyone come up with something better for the god of laborers?

well back to work...