Friday, July 25, 2003

Lunchtime Blog

Well it's Gen Con weekend and once again I'm missing out on our hobbies premier gaming event. Any of you guys going? I'm saving my pennies and shooting for Gen Con So Cal in December. I promised Jeff H I'd give him a hand at the Heromachine booth so that should be fun!

I'm slowly getting the swing of things here at work, starting to get a routine and a flow. I have a great boss and a cool office. I have Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Namor (from the marvel legends line) up on my shelf and a couple of other touches that make me feel right at home. So all in all things at work are cool.

At home, were getting ready to celebrate Boojie (Joshua 4) and Lody's (Nicholas 3) birthdays next week. Tonight is "Pizza Friday" but instead of Pizza it will be McDonalds for $1.00 double cheeseburgers and then we'll go check out "Finding Nemo." Speaking of Nemo, I have yet to see either "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" I'm hoping to catch LXG this weekend if my mom will take the boys on Saturday.

I'm really Happy with the way the 5year foregrounds are coming along in the Swords of Erisa game. I don't plan to be instituting any 3.5 edition stuff yet but I will be picking up the books one at a time as funds allow. (Plus I always wait for the second print run anyway so that they can correct the errata) but yes eventually SoE will be 3.5 compliant. I am also working on the website and plan to put up a reworked version soon. With many updates and revisions. The updates because they are way overdue and the revisions because I want Erisa to contain 100% original content rather than partially plagiarized material.
Jeff has even agreed to help me graphically enhance the sight with some pieces of original Erisa themed artwork as time allows (I am totally jazzed about that!).

Some of you have inquired on the list and privately about magic items for your newly pumped up and reconditioned characters, well I have given it a bit of thought and I believe I have a more palatable answer than just HELL NO. I have decided for those of you wiling to invest a little additional time in the campaign I will pass on some nifty trinkets. Now all you have to do is grab your keyboards and submit an article to the Erisa Chronicle. the article could be about anything Erisa or Gaming related. For instance Jim has submitted a story (hopefully ongoing) detailing the early adventures of his Brooding Warrior- Rue and mike has submitted an article on Druids, Witches and their role in Erisa. They will be receiving magic items for these works. So if you feel like doing an article on a town in Wren or a secret society in Aragos. Or maybe reviews of a new game system or RPG tool (like player Genie) send it in.

On the subject of the Erisa chronicle, I `m finishing the next issue up and it should be out shortly, look for Mike and Jim's articles, as well as a cool new logo from Jeff H.

Evil DM out!