Friday, September 09, 2005

A public service announcement

Hey guys,
my name is Amber, I'm a cheerleader at USC I also work part time at Hooters. My roommates- Leah, Kascha, Honey, and Monique, and I love to spend cold rainy nights playing AD&D in our lingerie. Since we love AD&D so much we only date gamer guys who play second edition AD&D (no 3E for us). Sometimes when we're bored we get drunk on wine coolers and roll up characters all night long using our Core Rules software program, other times we just have pillow fights and practice making out with each other. If any of you guys are in the L.A. area and are looking for a game of AD&D send me an email and I'll give you directions to our apartment. Unfortunately, we only have one super king size bed so if it gets late and you stay over I hope you don’t mind sharing...