Monday, November 14, 2005

Dollar Pirates, ARRRGGGHH!

Chap Mei is, as best as I can tell a small outfit that makes 1/18th inch bargain figures for sale at discount outlets. They have great ideas for figure lines. they do the standard soldier figures as well as police, rescue, and constrution figures and sets but they also have some really cool original lines, they have a Wildquest line that features arctic and jungle animals and the folks that capture them. they have a ninja line, a He-Man knockoff fantasy line, a knights and wizards line. and now the other day I ran across a Pirate line. the figures have cool detail, nifty equipment, and a great price point. their biggest failing if that the figures have no articulation in the knees and elbows. I think thats the only thing thats keeping this company from being way more popular. it's funny, the figures are awesome to look at, the detail and originality of the recent figures tells me someone at that company cares about what they are putting out,just look at these figures: the tatoos on the bald guy, the peg leg on the eye patch guy and the hand on the captain can be replaced by several different weapons (kinda like Mr. Han in Enter the Dragon) somebody at that company loved these guys to invest all that detail in them. but I just cant figure why these guys dont go for that extra articulation that would push these figures into direct competition with the little joe guys.