Friday, November 18, 2005

Geek links

D&D 101
I remember my first few games of Dungeons and Dragons as being an exhilarating, yet confusing foray into the unknown. We didn’t have the right dice (we played with six siders borrowed from a Kismet game and some paper chits), we weren’t quite sure how character levels and spell levels worked with each other, and nobody knew what the hell a Lucern hammer was (we just knew it was better than a regular hammer-My dwarf fighter used one in each hand in combat). Figuring out the game was half the fun, and in some cases our own rules were an improvement on the official rules. Well excuse me for sounding like an old fogey when I say “Damn kids these days got it too easy.” Case in point.

Mood Music
I’ve dabbled in the past with having music and sound effects in the background during games to help set the “mood” some times it worked sometimes it didn’t. It’s kinda like playing Ravenloft by candlelight; it sounds cool in theory but not very practical. But that was back in the day of the boom box and cassette tape. Now we are in the 21st century, and there is a company that claims to have a handle on it. RPG-Soundmixer has a free download where you can give it a try. And here is a place to find more sounds to use.

Where smart is sexy
That appears to be the motto at Gorgeous Geeks a calendar site that uses REAL geek gals not models as their calendar girls. Worth a look.