Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quite the scribe

Well I posted a bit of bashing last week. So this week I’ll update what’s going on gaming-wise

I'm currently working on two more “Lost Gaming Safari” articles for Knights of the Dinner table magazine. One is on the horror game Chill from Pacesetter games. the other is on The Marvel Superheroes Role-playing game by TSR.

I'm also working on an article that shows how to use movies as teaching tools to get players to role-play better, specifically in the regards to alignment and group interaction.

Legends of Steel
I am so close to finished with the rules. I'm still working with the magic system and trying to tie in a bit of Psionics. The character generation, combat, and campaign play are pretty much done. I have to do some more on the critters and then tackle the campaign world stuff. I have one professional artists on board for a piece of art or two and hopefully I’ll be able to get at least two more, the art thing is important to me cause I'm a very visual person. So although I sure in hell ain’t rich, I’m willing to invest a little to get nice artwork. Like I said before, some guys take 69 Ford Mustang and trick it out for a hobby, I'm gonna make my own game. And its gonna see print (even if its just a vanity run for friends and family).

For those of you who didn’t know, I'm working on my own Role-playing game called Legends of Steel. It’s what those in the gaming industry call a “Beer and pretzel game” that is to say a game to play for laughs or a quick aside rather than a full-scale campaign. I'm modeling it after the Sword & Sorcery B movies of the 80’s and the Fantasy comics of the 70’s.”

I also started on a side project of taking the FASERIP rules from The Marvel Superhero Role-playing game and converting them to use in a 1930’s pulp setting. A much less ambitious project than Legends of Steel, but still a fun diversion. I’ve got about 13 pages written up and will probably post it on the Swords of Erisa website when it’s done.

I told myself – Self: “Don’t talk about writing, don’t read about writing, don’t dream about writing. Just sit down at the damn keyboard and write.”

So there we are.