Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Magic Dagger

(Originally posted on the GMing Q&A Forum)One time during a gaming funk, i was over at my cousins house watching tv with him, his wife and another friend of theirs. the conversation turned to fantasy and then D&D. before you know it we were rolling characters. none of them had ever played before and we had no books, so i did a quick n dirty fighter, mage, priest.
i then drew up a dungeon and tossed in some orcs, zombies, skeletons, a couple of traps and some treasure.
now like i said none of these folks had ever gamed before, so needless to say their style of play was totally unconventional, unpredictable and totally refreshing.
They managed to gain a +1 dagger, once i told tham the dagger was magic they treated it as if it was a holy relic. you would have thought i gave them Excalibur by the way they reacted. whenever they ran across a monster they would shout " prepare the magic dagger" as if it was the "holy handgrenade of Antioch."
we played with monopoly dice and all the rules were from my head. we played late into the night.
the next day I was back into gaming. and so was my cousins friend from what I hear.
so if your feeling down on the game grab some newbies and work some magic.