Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Lair address

Well it’s about time to write an update about what’s going on here hobby-wise at the lair.

Legends of Steel - It’s been taking me forever to get through the magic / psionics section but I'm almost done. I have about 37 spells written up which I feel is sufficient because spell casting isn’t going to be a major component of the game, just as spell casters are not a large component of true Sword & Sorcery literature. Despite my efforts, I realize most people are going to treat this as just another FRPG (fantasy role-playing game) but I'm trying my best to give it a different angle. I'm making it human centric, low magic, and a bit tongue in cheek- all the ingredients I see in countless S&S movies, comics and books. Hopefully when I'm done with the writing and start looking to commissioning the art I will find illustrators who can translate what I’m looking for to brush.

Gaming – Online, I'm currently in just one game. The “Basher” game, I'm running a Druid named Tarus, and since it’s a wilderness adventure, I'm King Enchilada in the taco stand at the moment.
I tried to resurrect the old “Action heroes” game but the guys on that list are either burnt out or tired of all the drama that list has been through. I got a few halfhearted “Sure okay” responses but no follow- up. We had some good times, but I figure that horse has run its race.
I’ve got a Tabletop 2nd edition AD&D Greyhawk game going on. The group has just leveled up and they have divested a wizard of his tower and are setting up house.

Joes - On the Joe scene I found a program called Xow! Which does stop motion movies. I'm planning on playing with this for a bit and see if I can add a new facet to my Joe collecting.

Writing – I just sold another article to Knights of the Dinner table Magazine. It’s a “Lost gaming safari” piece on the original Chill game from Pacesetter. I'm planning on working on another piece highlighting the original Marvel Superheroes Role-playing game by TSR next.