Sunday, February 05, 2006

LoS Dramatis Personae :Talena

Many of you old timers may fondly remember the example of a Melee encounter from the pages of the old AD&D Dungeon masters guide, names like Gutboy Barrelhouse, Aggro the fighter, Balto the monk, and Arlanni the thief. It’s become a staple of RPG’s to offer a sampling of characters created with the rules to illustrate the mechanics of the game, and Legends of Steel is no exception. One of my sideline endeavors has been to create a group of heroes taken from the various examples of the genre and build them using the LoS rules. I’ll be presenting them as they are completed.
First off we have a Pirate /Adventurer by the name of Talena.

Character Name: Talena
Profession: Pirate/Brigand
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Movement: 10

Agility 75
Brawn 50
Intellect 50
Perception 60
Personality 60
Strike 50
Willpower 50
Stun 25
Life 25

*Danger sense
*Speed: +25% to movement & initiative
*Leap: Talena can spring 10’ upward and up to 30’ forward. If used in an attack she gains a +10% to her attack roll.

(1) Acrobatics 75%
(1) Appraise 50%
(1) Area knowledge: City of Port Karn 50%
(1) Area knowledge: Slayers Isles 50%
(1) Climbing 75%
(2) Cutpurse 75%
(1) Games of chance 60%
(2) Lock-picking 75%
(13) Martial Arts 70%
(3) Off hand weapon use
(11) Seamanship 70%
(1) Stealth 75%
(1) Streetwise 60%
(1) Traps 50%