Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wrath of the Dragon God - My thoughts

I finally sat down and watched the Dungeons and Dragons movie: Wrath of the Dragon God. I suppose I could be a gamer snob and say it sucked, The Lord of the Rings trilogy has set the bar so high now that we tend to forget that there was a time when gamers would take whatever we could get movie-wise. But actually it was no worse than an episode of Xena. The budget was mediocre by today’s standards but they did what they could with it. If you play D&D you will recognize the classes, spells and monsters (It’s fun to point out to the wife “That was a Ring of the Ram, Honey”). My family enjoyed it, and my wife was interested enough to have me play it again for the parts she missed, when she went to the store during the first showing. There were several lines and situations that brought a laugh and you know the writers were having fun with the material (“Good Times”). All in all I’m happy I bought it and most likely will watch it again. My biggest disappointment with the movie was with the commentary. I expected the producer, director, and maybe a couple of the actors to discuss the technical parts of the movie, instead they have three managers from Wizard of the Coast, posing as a Cleric, ½ Orc and a Thief, giving in-character commentary. We could have done without that, the jokes fell flat and it came off as a lame rip-off of Mystery Science Theater.