Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In praise of PDF’s

Well we started up a group for the Basic D&D game called the Mystara PBEM.
We have a pretty good mix of guys. Some are dusting off the dice bags after years of neglect. One thing that we have been making use of is the availability of PDF copies of the entire out of print D&D stuff. Some folks don’t really care for the format, preferring to hold a “real book” in their hands. While I don’t exactly disagree, I feel that PDF’s definitely have their uses. The sad fact is that even when you can find a copy of these older games the prices some of them can fetch are insane. I remarked in an earlier post about a copy of the Five Shires going for like $80.00 on EBay. Over at drive thru RPG (See the link in the sidebar)or RPGnow you can get a PDF copy for under $5.00