Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mystara PBEM

A couple of weeks ago I began to entertain the notion of running a Basic D&D game as a Play by Email (PBEM) game. The response I received after posting my intention on several forums was interesting the most prevalent comment was…why? With all the great systems and campaign worlds available in 2006 why do I insist on trudging through an archaic and out of print system that most of the gaming world has forgotten?
I really didn’t have an answer. But lo and behold I began to get emails trickling in late at night from other like souls who would like to brave the world of Mystara.
My players are all male and 30+ years of age, professionally they are teachers, artists(in fact the illustration above is from one of the players), businessmen, a journalist and a law student. Some were regular gamers and others hadn’t slung the dice since the big 80’s. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the players in my new game all possessed vivid and vibrant imaginations In the process of character creation I insisted on backgrounds for the characters. To my excitement, their back-stories for their characters were worthy of any being written up in the pages of Dungeon Magazine. So let the 3.5 boys have a good laugh. It’s not the system you play it’s the quality of the players, and with these guys I have a real good feeling.