Monday, May 08, 2006

I just failed my saving throw

A few years ago I had a buddy who sank close to $8000.00 on Magic: the Gathering cards. Another friend paid around $300.00 for a magical axe, a virtual magic axe for use in an online game, I think he got a ticket or password to use the axe in the game. The only real thing about that whole deal was the $300 bucks. Up until now I’ve managed to avoid the “collectable” arm of gaming. I have a few Mageknight figures, a shoe box of Heroclix figures, and I must say the D&D miniatures get better with every release, those I buy from time to time, but usually just what I can use as dungeon fodder.
I suspect that’s all about to change, because I just found out that a Conan Collectable card game (CCG) is on the horizon. And I loves me some Conan. I'm thrilled and scared all at the same time- thrilled cause the game looks cool and I like what I’ve seen so far art wise, scared because I can see myself getting all freaky and hunting down every last card in the series, including promo cards and those damn “convention specials”.