Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jagged Alliance 2

I don’t do much computer gaming. And when I do I stick to the bargain bin games. I can't see myself paying full retail for a tabletop RPG, why should computer games be any different? So it's no surprise that I'm way behind the pack when it comes to discovering cool games.
I found one at Big Lots over the weekend for $6.99, It's called "Jagged Alliance2: Unfinished business" It's a turn based tactical military game done at squad level. These are generally my favorite type of games; I loved the old "Close Combat WWII" series of games that Microsoft made many moons ago.
In JA2 you control a group of mercs sent to a banana republic to help with a revolution. You have cash with which to recruit your mercs. All the mercs have varying levels of skills and personalities. Anyway I’m fumbling my way through it and having a blast. It may not be a new game, but it’s new to me.