Sunday, July 16, 2006

“So Lai Zhao, you think your Zombies can beat my Kung Fu, eh”?

Shortly before 3rd edition D&D was released, the WOTC website had a download available for a very nicely done 2nd edition AD&D variant set in the Wuxia genre of Asian cinema. The game was called Dragonfist. I remember downloading it, but it was lost several hard drives ago. WOTC apparently sold the game to Green Ronin who immediately shelved it for future development. Thanks to networking on various gaming boards and good Karma, a friend and fellow gamer hooked me up! I never got to play the game the first go around but now I'm thinking I’ll give it a go.
On the subject of the Asian themed gaming A fellow on another board posted this link to some cool sets of Chinese undead. Chinese zombies anyone?