Friday, July 14, 2006

Still only .99 cents!

I love comics. I've been pretty active on eBay, hunting down the good stuff from the 70's. I've never been a collector, I'm a reader, having a shiny comic in a plastic case does absolutely nothing for me, which is why eBay is such a goldmine for me. I look for "lots" or "runs" of my favorite titles. I recently won a 17 issue run of "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: for .99 cents ($4.99 with shipping). Lately I've been filling in my Sword & Sorcery gaps for LoS research. There are some good new titles out there, but at $2.99 + an issue, It's getting harder and harder to convince "She who must be obeyed" that we NEED to stop by the Comicshop During our weekend supply run.