Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gotta Game!

There was a time in my life when getting a group together to game was a simple matter. I would make a few phone calls and my house would fill up with gamers, their girlfriends and other assorted hangers on. That was in the late 80’s – I was single had a pretty good job and nothing much else going on in my life to cut into weekend long gaming marathons. Those days are long gone. Now I have a family and a host of responsibilities and commitments. But never the less I still get the itch to sling dice and geek out for a few hours. The problem for me now is finding like-minded folks. My old gaming buddies are into other pastimes and I'm not into hanging out at the gaming room at the local game store because frankly, it smells bad- the place and some of the gamers.

Another problem I have is that I never really made the big switch to the newest editions of the games I played. I couldn’t see spending all that money again to catch up. So here I am a 42-year-old gaming dinosaur, trying to find that lost valley where the rest of my herd has gone.

I'm kinda leery of the "posting the name on the gaming board" route - I’ve had mixed success. On one hand when I was in Hawaii I answered a post for a group called D.O.G.S (Dedicated Oahu Gaming Society) and met a great group of guys and made some lasting friendships. On the other hand, I once had some pseudo / Satanist vampire wannabe’s show up at my door wanting to game. Oh, reckless youth!

Nowadays I have a wife and kids so I have to be very careful about who I invite into my home and my life.

I found this meet up site that has a D&D group in my area that meets monthly. I figured I’d give it a shot. They meet up at a local Denny’s and socialize and game. It seems fairly cordial. I looked over some of the profiles and it runs the typical gamut of folks that are into the hobby. Who knows I might get lucky and find a couple of other dinosaurs looking for a good game of Star Frontiers.