Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gamer Networking

I started A RPG group over at
Mainly to have a place where Sac area gamers can network and hopefully get some gaming going on.
I’m on several boards where they have “players looking for games” threads but I haven’t seen much in the Sacramento area. There is a great Meetup Group for D&D players that meets once a month. But they are for the most part a solid 3.5 ed D&D group. I enjoy D&D and I have recently started to play 3rd edition but there are a lot of other systems and Genres I would like to try my hand at such as Savage Worlds and Mutants and Masterminds. Being a gamer for over 25 years I’ve also amassed a collection of
“ Old School” games like AD&D, GURPS, Star Frontiers, Chill, CoC, etc. so I wouldn’t mind running some of the older stuff from time to time. So rather than play the Grog nard over at the D&D Meetup group, I decided to try and start a group that would have a bit more of a universal outlook, of course D&D is THE roleplaying game and it will have a place here as well. My intention is not to try and compete with any existing local groups out there it’s merely to offer a few more options.

A couple of the ideas I’ve had bubbling in my brain are:
Setting up a meeting place for a monthly gathering where we could do some actual gaming rather than just posting about gaming.
I’d like to get something going where we could highlight a different system from time to time, maybe one month The Savage Worlds system, the next month the GURPS system, and so on.
Another thing we might try is a genre theme. Maybe one month we do western games, the next Pulp, and then Horror and so on. Of course there would still be open play for folks who would rather play their own on-going campaign.

Anyway those are just some thoughts. Of course in order for any of this to get off the ground we need folks to join, so spread the word.