Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Gamer's Mantra

Yesterday over at the Treasure Table Forums, the question was posed “What is the best way that we, as RPG consumers, can help revitalize the industry?” One of the members, Telus, gave a most eloquent summary of what we all as gamers should strive for in relation to the hobby. Reprinted here, with his permission is the list of To Do’s.

•Don't be a closet gamer. Admit it freely, and ask your interlocutors if they play fantasy football, and to explain the difference.

•Buy the good stuff, and tell people about it. Hell, buy the bad stuff, and warn people about it.

•Get your friends to game, even if it's a simple-rules one-shot.

•DM if you don't already. There are a TON of players out there looking for DM’s.

•Go to cons, buy stuff, and give feedback.

•Don't be a stereotypical gamer. Bathe regularly, learn some manners, and get a haircut and a job that lets you move out on your own. You'll find a better group of gamers and maybe even "get some".