Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gaming and DVD's

The other day here on the blog I was giving a rundown on upcoming projects that I hope to get realized soon. One important project that I forgot to mention was a Dark Ages Sword & Sorcery campaign world for ZeFRS. No name yet - but I'm gathering resources for it. Two main sources of inspiration are the Arak comic series by DC and the AD&D Historical Series (primarily Charlemagne's Paladins and the Vikings).
The world map will be physically the same but in all other ways it will be a grim Sword & Sorcery world.
Historical accuracy will take a backseat (or in some cases, tossed out all together) as Berbers and other North African sea traders begin colonizing the southern half of the Southeastern seaboard of North America and Norsemen will colonize the northern half. The Aztec and Incan empires will exist and neither will be ruled by superstitious priests. Arab and Chinese traders coming to those lands will be met on the beach by warriors with weapons in hand. In Spain the Emirate of Cordoba will be much stronger and their influence will be felt.
My goal will be a world that's somewhat familiar to fans of this period but with a few surprises.

I Picked up the DVD the other day and watched it with my oldest minion. as an independent direct to video animated movie-Turok son of Stone Kicks ass. This adaptation of the Turok saga is more faithful to the classic Dell comics version than to the more modern tales from Valiant comics or the video games. First off be warned, this is an animated story NOT a cartoon. the violence is graphic and plentiful. the first few minutes might fool you, but believe me this may not be something you want to watch with the little ones. It's a Hero's journey type of tale, with questing, revenge, honor, doubt etc. The animation is solid. it's visually pleasing, and the story delivers exactly what it intends to.
One thing i always hated as a child was when a cool premise for a cartoon series was "dumbed down" by the addition of a cutesy/goofy sidekick ala; Godzooky,or the stupid bird in the Conan series (Thundarr the Barbarian avoided this, which is why it's remained a fan-boy favorite). Well, Turok has none of that. it's a slick lean graphic novel on film. For fans of adventure comics or "Lost World" stories it's a must.