Saturday, March 15, 2008

HULU and Barney Miller

I gave everyone here the heads up on HULU a few posts ago. but it deserves another mention for two reasons:
1) Because it's out of beta and available.
2) Because it's so damn cool!
They have a ton of shows and they are adding more everyday.

I'm reliving a personal bit of nostalgia watching episodes of Barney Miller. Barney Miller began when I was 11 and wrapped up when I was 18. Seeing the clothing styles and listening to the topics that they discuss is like a mini time capsule, once that thumping bass line theme starts I'm back in the old house in front of the RCA. I'd forgotten just how intelligent and nuanced the writing was, and how crazy weird the 70's were. Simpler times? Not really. Scarier and more uncertain times, to be sure. No one knew about the Internet or AIDS. We were sure a major showdown with the Soviets was just a matter of time. Peter Frampton was filling arenas and disco was heard in every nightclub.
Watch a couple of episodes of Barney Miller and you get a glimpse of just what kinds of things were occupying the public's mind at that time.