Friday, March 28, 2008

The World of Broadsword

Well friends, the wait is over. My first supplement for the Broadsword RPG has been released. The World of Broadsword is now available at DriveThruRPG and at Precis Intemedia Games (The folks who do the oh-so-cool Coyote Trail western RPG).

Here is the blurb from the upcoming website:

More advantages, more foes, more adventure!

The World of Broadsword is a sourcebook that expands upon the Broadsword RPG by offering new material for use by both players and referees.

Included in this expansion are:

*New advantages

*A bestiary of common animals as well as creatures of myth and legend

*A full color map and gazetteer of “The World of Broadsword”

*"The River Pirates of the Belsa." A brand new adventure set in the World of Broadsword

The World of Broadsword was created to be used as an official campaign setting for the Broadsword Roleplaying game. However, the setting and adventures are written so that they could easily be adapted to just about any system.

The World of Broadsword is Available now as a PDF download for only $3.95 at DriveThruRPG and Precis Intermedia Games.

If any of you do decide to purchase it, please be sure to leave some honest feedback over at RPGNow. Word of mouth is about all I have in my marketing budget. so every bit helps.