Friday, January 30, 2009

A bunch of books and Head East Live

I took the car in for scheduled maintenance today. The dealership said an hour and a half.  It was more like two hours. Luckily they had  a Used bookstore within walking distance.  Have a look at some of the treasures I unearthed amongst the musty stacks-


Banners of Sayen

Delia of Valia



Legend of the Damned

My lord Barbarian

Red as blood

Whetted bronze


And in a miscellaneous bin was a real blast from the past.

Head East Live

I had this tape. I loved this tape.  The live version of “There's never been any reason” is one of the greatest driving songs ever performed.

I don't even have an 8-track player anymore, but for .25 cents I couldn't resist.

That girl on the cover has got to be in her sixties now…