Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pulp Thursday - Pulp Fanatic Magazine - Wow.


Since I began my game designing odyssey I’ve built what I consider to be a rather large and varied paperback library of  “Pulp” publications- Sword & Sorcery, Noir, Men’s Adventure, Espionage, Sword & Planet, Western, Thriller, Horror, Historical Adventure, Mystery and a large quantity of “Adult” titles in everyone of the aforementioned genres.  I have become quite the collector, and I wince when I think of all the titles I’ve passed by through the years.

So it must be fate that one of the blogs I follow (and I can’t for the life of me remember which one) made mention of Paperback Fanatic Magazine.  At this point and time in my life I can truly appreciate this publication.  Paperback Fanatic Magazine is loaded with photos of wonderful paperback art, interviews, and articles. The fact that the magazine deals mostly with English paperbacks is inconsequential.  The magazine is a delight from cover to cover. I learned about titles I was completely unaware of and best of all the articles include bibliographies of all the series titles in the sidebars. Paperback Fanatic Magazine is definitely a labor of love. It’s a quick, informative, and fun read.


Paperback Fanatic Magazine will run U.S. buyers around $10.00 give or take.  I ordered my copy on 01/07/2009 via Paypal and it was waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got home on 01/14/2009, One week turnaround from England?  Hell, I’ve waited weeks for Ebay items from neighboring states, so color me impressed.  It was also kinda cool  when I walked in the house and one of my minions called out “Hey dad, you got “Royal Mail”!

I sat down in the evening and devoured it.  Half-way through this issue I went and ordered a back issue (I would have ordered more but they are sold out of all but the previous issue).

I even got a chuckle at the end as I recognized that one of my favorite authors Simon R. Green ( Hawk & Fisher, Deathstalker, and Nightside books) dropped them a fan letter.

So, Paperback Fanatic Magazine…Two enthusiastic thumbs up!


And that's your Pulp Thursday report!