Thursday, July 02, 2009

Used Bookstore score of the day: Casca!

I'm an admitted fan of pulp fiction. from the classic adventure stories of Louis L'Amour to the "Adult Western" adventures of Captain Gringo. Today I happened upon a coup that only another pulp paperback aficionado could appreciate:
The first four books in the Casca series by Barry Sadler. The Casca series chronicles the adventures of Casca Rufio Longinus A simple Roman Legionnaire who had the misfortune to draw guard duty during the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

In Sadler's version of the legend, Casca's only concern that day was getting together with a wine shop wench for a little fun after he was relieved at guard duty. Thinking to put and end to his charges misery and get off work early he stabbed Christ with his spear, trying to put a quick end to it all. Jesus was not amused and cursed the legionnaire to eternal life, eternal life as a soldier always going from one battle to another, never knowing peace, until Christ's return.

Each book in the series tells the story of Casca as he lives and fights through the ages. The Casca books are quick, fun reads packed with action and a surprising amount of detail. During the 80's and 90's the books were easy to get, but as the years go by they are becoming a rare find at the local bookstores. If any of you guys run across them, they are definitely worth the read.

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