Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DC Adventures - Have I finally found a DC Heroes RPG I understand?

This Thursday I have back surgery scheduled, so what better time to elicit a bit of sympathy from “She who must be obeyed”?  I convinced her that I NEED something to read at the hospital during my overnight stay, and that none of the 350,000 unread books in my personal library would do. So we went to my Friendly Neighborhood Game Store and picked up the brand spankin’ new DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook. 
Truth be told this isn't the first try at a DC flavored RPG. Back in the late 20th century a company called Mayfair games came out with one. It looked real nice too. I bought it as the manager in the store was unpacking them. I opened it up in the car. I read through it on the way home. I tried to create a character at the dinner table. My buddy and I tried to run the character through a scenario. Later that night I put the game in my closet and never spoke of it again. 
I don't know whether it was the game or me. I never asked, I was too ashamed. I think it had something to do with algebra, I’m not sure. Math was never my strong suit.
I’ve played Mutants & Masterminds before and enjoyed it a lot, so I think I’ll be able to wrap my head around it this time.
Wish me luck.