Friday, August 13, 2010

from 11/04/2005 -The Endless night

"The endless night"
Suitable for use with Traveller, Star Frontiers, Alternity, Etc.

This was inspired by the movie “Outland” starring Sean Connery.

The players are sent to an asteroid mining operation to investigate the murder of a VIP’s son. The son and his father had a falling out and no one in the colony knew who that his father was this famous person. The death was ruled accidental but of course that is not good enough for the father.

That’s where the group comes in. the father hires a team of private investigators to go there undercover and conduct a private investigation. The team finds out this is just one of many deaths in this mining colony, it appears that literally hundreds of convicts, indentured laborers, homeless and other people “who nobody will miss” have disappeared through the years here. The players discover that the killer is the head honcho of the mining operation, pretty straightforward stuff. Until, we add the twist that the head honcho is a Vampire. Actual-sleeps in a coffin-strength of ten men-turns into a mist- undead vampire.

Now the players who are prepared for a conventional fight have got to suspend their 25th century mentality and fight a creature of legend. For some added spice, add a “sin town” with strip clubs, casinos, and brothels etc. where the laborers go to blow off steam- this is where his minions hang out- kind of like the “Titty-Twister” in “From Dusk till Dawn”. Oh, and have the vampires “Renfield” guy be the chief of security for the mining company.