Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ComicCon 2011

Fanboys seem to have better hygiene than Gamergeeks.
Maybe it was the plethora of babes that showed up. Or maybe it was because we were in San Diego-which has some ass kicking nightlife during ComicCon. But the funk –o-meter kept hovering in the Tolerable to Low Zone. 
I think that because ComicCon has morphed into so much more than just comics, you now find tons of gals at this venue. The fact that the Gas lamp district across the street had a “Spring break vibe” going on didn’t hurt either.
So there weren’t just the beautiful but unattainable booth babes and professional models in attendance, but also a nice cross section of the female sex in general. This may have something to do with the boys making use of the dial soap and old spice solid.

San Diego is a great place to go for a convention.
These folks have the con-thing down to a science. Plenty of security, lots of friendly staff, frequent trolleys to ferry con-goers to and from all corners of the city. A fantastic night-life. And a population that doesn’t just tolerates the hordes of geeks that converge into their hometown, but they appreciate the attention and $$ we bring to the city- They were friendly from Macys to McDonalds.

I will never pay retail for a trade paperback again!
Just about every comic booth had trades at 40-60% off. And the deals were even better on the last day.

That’s all for now. There is much more but I’m tired.

Bottom line: for a Fanboy, Gamergeek, or anyone into Pop culture, ComicCon is a must.